Bad at updates. Es tut mir leid.

So many soccer games.

And conversations in my broken German.

And nearly a million döner sandwiches eaten.

Constant reminders of God's glory.

Seeing His people love each other in a way that exudes His character. It brings great joy to my heart.

This update is so overdue. But this last month has been jam packed. Writing this has been on the back burner, but I don't feel guilty if I'm being honest. I'm doing my best to be present, okay?? ;) But there are many facets of life in Berlin that I feel are worth updating you on!

April was so full of goodness, blame it on the Easter season! I enjoyed great fellowship with my Crossway family and we had the opportunity to include immigrant families in the celebration at a refugee home nearby. I was moved to see people from the church reach out to connect with our neighbors. Doors have been opened and it is so refreshing to see Christ followers across denominational lines give their time and energy to make a difference in their community. That has been a common theme with the church I work with, I cannot brag enough on their persistent love. People are such a gift.

I hit the halfway mark on my internship last week! It's wild to think I've only been here for 3 months because Berlin feels like an old friend now, and I'm in a place of trying to evaluate what this place means for my future. Thinking about leaving makes me a little sick to my stomach. Am I meant to come back one day? Maybe. I can confidently say the answer is not a solid no, but that's not exactly the clarity I'm hoping for. Oh how I would LOVE to know that answer right now, but this will forever be my mantra:

I don't presume to know the plan.

Recently, I've gotten to start a small bible study on the book of James with some girls from the youth group. As I plan and study the book of James, I am reminded I can choose joy in these times of waiting, because God promises all things are being worked together for my good, specifically for my spiritual maturity. It is because of His goodness that I can trust Him as He goes before me, in whatever comes next. I've seen it happen time and time again in my life.

Speaking of what comes next, I've been on the hunt for a place to start my career as a professional artist when I come home. I'm pumped to find a place where I can be passionate about my work, even though nearly every application I've put out has come back with a big fat "no". Thats okay. I still get my hopes up every time I stumble upon anything photo/video/art/graphic design/media related. That's a huge part of what I get to do here in Berlin and I'm loving every project that comes my way.

Side note: if you think you might have any helpful job hunting advice or connections, I welcome your thoughts.

I find myself always working on a project, nothing new for me. From logo and website revamps to video projects for our partnering ministries, the role I'm filling is right up my alley. Mostly... I am still stretched at times to help in places that make me feel kinda like a fish out of water. When I work with younger kids, I'll be honest, anytime the group's average age goes under 10 years old... I feel like I have two left feet.

Working with kids has humbled me greatly. I work with 4 (or 5ish, there's some overlap) different groups of kids and students. Half of them speak German. I do not. The other half do speak English. They are all 100% cooler than me, and I love seeing them seek the Lord and truth in Scripture.

I get thrown some curveballs every now and again in this role, but the curveballs serve as some of the greatest adventures God has ever walked with me through. Just when I think I've got it figured out... haha nope. BUT. He is trustworthy to carry me through and provide for every need. He will build up his kingdom, and He doesn't need me to help. But I get to help. I get to participate in the grand love story He's working out in history. I get to give Him glory and love people in the process. That's what I'm here for. That's what we're all here for. End of story. Mic drop.

It sounds simple, but so often we make it complicated.

So hey. Don't make it complicated, you silly human.

Talking to myself here, but if you need that reminder, I'll give that one to ya for free.

Until next time!

Erin Chase

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