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A New Solution to the Old Adage: "I love your art, but I can't afford it!"

I'm so excited about a new option I've added to my website store. It solves a big problem I've run into on multiple occasions. Especially with my largest audience being college-aged students like myself, we can rarely afford original works of art for our walls. This leads to me feeling the pressure to undervalue my art and lower the price of my work that I spent so much time and energy on.

So here's the new feature: printed products! It's almost like having a RedBubble or a Society6 on my own website. The printed art store even uses a separate cart, because these prints are made through a third party printing company. Whereas, with the original works I do all of the shipping and handling myself!

****This is important to note, in case you want to buy both an original and a printed product you would have to carry out 2 transactions! **** If you have any trouble navigating the store, try browsing on your desktop!

I'm so glad to offer this as an option for all of you art-lovers on a budget! I truly believe this will be beneficial to me as the artist and you as the customer. I'm still working on getting the kinks worked out, but I can't wait to order something for myself to test. I'd love to hear your feedback about the products you love!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for each of you and all of your support!


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