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Contact me about your initial idea. You talk, I listen! Share your inspiration and the basic project details with me.


We agree on a contract and a cost estimate. Your deposit finalizes your booking!


We syncronize our watches and prepare our wall to get started!


I visit the mural site to evaluate size, surface conditions, and hear your ideas in person! 


We work together to create the perfect design for your space. It should only take a couple rounds of edits to perfect the final product.


Now the fun part begins! Let's get that beautiful art on your walls!

want a Quote For a Mural?

Here's what the process looks like:

or keep scrolling to learn more


Painting Easels

Have questions about custom art on canvas?

Watch this video from my Instagram to learn more about my process when you want to create a custom piece with me!


here are the things that I consider when creating a custom quote:


  • Wall Size. The sheer size of the project is the first factor I take into account when calculating the price. I find the area in square feet upon my first visit to the painting site.

  • Heights. The height and complexity of the mural will invariably determine the need for special equipment such as scaffolding or lifts. 

  • Distance. I am located in Northwest Arkansas and look forward to taking on projects that allow me to travel. Jobs outside an hour travel radius may incur travel fees.

  • Level of Detail. A more detailed painting will take more time and requires more skill! Sometimes bigger surfaces require less detail because they are viewed at a distance (this is not always the case), and smaller canvases or walls require more attention to detail. 

  • Surface. Some walls need a little extra TLC before they are ready to paint, whether that be filling in cracks and holes or a good power wash, this step is crucial to the longevity of the painting.

  • Protection. Outdoor walls run a higher risk of fading from sunlight. A protective coating may be something you want to consider if the artwork gets a lot of direct sunlight. 


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